Bloodletter skills are cool !!!

Martialist SkillsEdit

Icon Name Levels Type
BladeSpec Blade Specialsit 5 Passive
Sever Sever 6 Active
FoeReaper Foe Reaper ? Passive


Deep Wounds 5 Passive
SlicingDervish Slicing Dervish 6 Passive
SwiftDervish Stomping Wind 5 Passive
Thickskin Thick Skin 6 Active
Stomping Minotaur Stomp 6 Active
BldActive Tempest Slash ? Active
ProtofAuth Protection of authority ? Passive
Adeptofthe Adept of the adges ? Passive
HardBlood Hardened Blood ? Active
BladeShards Blade Shards ? Passive
Parry Parry ? Passive
DeathBlow Swift Dervish ? Passive
BladeShards Death Blow ? Passive
Inpale Inpale ? Passive
ProtectorShield Protectors Shield ? Passive

Crimsonate SkillsEdit

Icon Name Levels Type
Piercingflurry Pircing Flurry 6 Active
Furiousfocus Furious Focus 6 Active
Bladebreaker Blade Breaker 6 Active
Perforate Perforate ? Passive
Focusingwounds Foucusing Wounds ? Passive
BlindinfFocus Bkinding Focus ? Passive
BladeSpliter Blade Spliter ? Passive
BloodMist Blood Mist ? Active
Bloodphase Blood Phase ? Active
Razoraura Razor Aura ? Active
Rendflesh Rend Flesh ? Active
Hemorage Hemorage ? Passive
Vampiricstrike Vampiric Strike ? Passive
Redblind Crimson Blindness ? Passive
Bloodhunger Blood Hunger ? Active
Bloodmight Blood Might ? Active
Phaseshifon Phase Siphon ? Passive
DeepAbr Deep Abrasions ? Passive
Crimsonblessing Red Blessing ? Passive
Furiousmastery Furious Mastery ? Passive
Anihilationslashing Anihilation Slashing ? Passive
Bladefan Blade Fan ? Passive