There are numerous vocations that stalwart adventurers can dedicate themselves to mastering. These classes represent the main focus of the character and determine how that character interacts with the numerous enemies and monsters that stand in the way of fame and fortune. The members of each class start with specific Statistics that reflect their initial training.


A master of hand-to-hand combat, the Bloodletter prefers blades above all else. Their razor-sharp weapons are used with surgical precision in order to cause the greatest amount of bleed possible from their enemies. They co
mbine these sharp skills with sanguine spells that increase the Bloodletter’s health, stun their opponents, and create temporary minions from the life essence of the monsters they slay.


Wielding one of the essential elements, the Pyromancer is a master of all things fire. From casting bolts of flame that can ricochet and explode to causing their targets to burst into a consuming pyre to cloaking themselves in a sheath of flame, these spell casters are definitely hot customers!


The Gadgeteer excels in the use of rifles and improves their efficiency, due to his penchant for tinkering, in often very surprising ways. A Gadgeteer fights his enemies with the aid of technology, for he is capable of constructing and hurling traps, bombs and drones, although laying for an ambush is not uncommon.

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