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When exploring in the world of Uld killing monsters, completing quests, and other fun-filling tasks, one must use attribute points to strengthin their character. By pressing "C"(Character Information Screen) in-game. Under the Basic tab you can access your character's stats and use the Attribute Points accummuleted from leveling up.

Basic Tab Edit

Primary Attributes (Does anyone know the values of the Attributes effect?) Edit

The basic building blocks for your character are your Attributes. They determine your physical and mental aptitude. The four attributes that define one's character are listed below.

Strength Edit

Abbreviated StrEdit
Strength is a measure of physical might, and improves the damage you deal in melee combat.Edit
1 Attribute Point = 0.5 AttackEdit

Dexterity (Listed as Agility In-Game) Edit

Abbreviated DexEdit
Dexterity is a measure of speed, and governs how likely you are to cause or avoid damage.Edit
1 Attribute Point = 1 Attack and 1 DefenceEdit

Vitality (Listed as HP In-Game) Edit

Abbreviated VitEdit
Vitality is a measure of hardiness, and increases your available Life.Edit
1 Attribute Point = 100 HPEdit

Wisdom Edit

Abbreviated WisEdit
Wisdom is a measure of mental prowess, and increases your available Mana and spell effectiveness.Edit


The range of damage point that may be inflicted on a succesful physical attack.


Likelihood that an attack will successfully strike a target.


Likelihood that you will avoid an enemy's strike.


Your maximum amount of life. Life is drained when you are struck by an enemy.


Mana is a unit of magical energy. Mana is consumed when using skills.

Detail I Tab Edit

Detail I

Attack RatingEdit


Critical ChanceEdit

Critical BonusEdit

Increase in LuckEdit

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Life RegenerationEdit

Mana RegenerationEdit

Speed BonusEdit

Melee Attack SpeedEdit

Ranged Attack SpeedEdit

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Arena VictoryEdit

Detail II Tab Edit

Detail II

Detail II Information

Damage BonusEdit

Spell BonusEdit

Melee DamageEdit

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Ice PowerEdit

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Reputation TabEdit

Wear(Equipment) TabEdit

If needed check out the Inventory page fore more details.

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