This is an imcomplete list of Gadgeteer skills with their descriptions; As I unlock the skills I will add them to this list and once I have them all I shall add the icons. Note: I will be using "_" to prevent awkward spacing issues that are common with table formats.


<Icon> <Name> <Max-Rank> <Type> <Description> <Video>
<Icon> Rapid_Refire 6 (Six) Direct An_ingenious_rifle_cartridge_allows you to continously discrage your firearm without reloading. Click_Here


<Icon> <Name> <Max-Rank> <Type> <Description> <Video>
<Icon> Noxious_Grenade 6 (Six) Direct+Poison A_stinking_cloud_explodes when this device is used, damaging foes nearby. Click_Here


<Icon> <Name> <Max-Rank> <Type> <Description> <Video>
<Icon> Boom_Zipper 6 (Six) Direct A bomb that zips to the nearest enemy and explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies in the process. The bomb has a five-second fuse. Click_Here
<Icon> Tesla_Widget 6 (Six) Summon A mobile drone with a limited lifespan that uses a steady stream of energy to drain life and interrupt nearby foes. Click_Here
<Icon> Suppression_Widget 6 (Six) Summon Release an immobilizing drone which can slow the movement speed of enemies. Click_Here
<Icon> Suppression_Fleet 5 (Five) Passive Increases the number of Suppression Widgets that may_be_active_simultaneously. None
<Icon> Lighting_Turrent 6 (Six) Turrent This placeable turrent summons lighting from the heavens and discharges it in randomly moving bolts. Click_Here
<Icon> Flame Sentry 6 (Six) Turrent A placeable turrent which immolates nearby foes with a steady stream of flames. Click_Here