To talk with other players in the game, simply hit the Enter key to activate the chat window. A cursor appears in the transparent pane in the lower left of your screen and you can type your message. When you’re done, hit Enter to send your message.

There are numerous other chat options, such as whispering to a specific player or shouting that can be easily accessed with the chat foldout list. To access this list, simply left-click the chat-bubble icon on the chat box. The list will automatically fold out and you can select the command you want to use.

Forming Groups

Adventuring is much more fun when you’re a part of a group. That is why they call it forming a party, after all!

To start up a group, find someone in town that you want to play with and left-click the icon above their head. This will open a small menu with several options like Trade, Whisper, and Invite. Choosing Invite will send them an offer to join your party which they can accept or decline. If they join, you’ll see their face and some vital statistics pop up on the left side of the screen.

Note: You can’t start or join a group if you’re not in town!

To chat with just the other members of your party, choose the party option from the list that is accessed by left-clicking the chat bubble icon on the chat box. You can also start your message by typing /p to set your chat to Party mode.

If you are the leader of a group (meaning you are the one inviting people) you have several other commands at your disposal. You can remove a member of the party by left-clicking on a character’s portrait and selecting the kick option. If you want to release everyone from the group, choose the disband option.

You can use the chat box interface to /kick or /disband, as well.

If you are a member of a party and you’re ready to move on, you can simply left-click on any party member's head and choose the Leave command or hit Enter and then type /leave.

You can also invite a player into your group by hitting Enter and then typing /invite <PLAYERNAME>. This is very handy when the person you want to play with isn’t in the same town as you are. If someone invites you to group in this way, simply hit Enter and type /accept and you’re off like a limb from a rotting corpse!