You can interact with any number of items in the world – from people to crates to barrels to urns to shrines to pools to doors to chests to treasure – with the simple click of a mouse. If you see someone you want to talk to or something you want your character to open, break, or pick up, just highlight it with your cursor and left-click. Your character will move to what you’ve selected and the right thing automatically happens.

If it’s an NPC, you’ll open a dialogue with them. Depending on who you talk with, you might hear some juicy rumor, be able to buy and sell items, receive training, travel to other parts of the world, or get a quest.

If it’s something that you can open or break, that’s exactly what happens. If it’s an item that you can pick up, it will automatically go into your character’s inventory.


Sometimes items can be hard to see in the dim light of a dungeon. By holding down the Alt key any items on the ground (as well as chests, crates and the like) display their name above them. If you want to Always View Items as you play, just click the little magnifying glass icon on the bottom interface!