You can open your Inventory by pressing the associated icon in the bottom interface or simply hitting the I key. The Inventory screen takes up the right half of your screen whenever you open it. But don’t worry, the game keeps playing on the other side.

The left and right areas of your Inventory contain several boxes that represent the different areas your character equips. These areas include:

Character Information

Character Information Screen


This is where you equip items such as helms, crowns, and tiaras.


Lighter clothing that covers the chest area is worn here, usually underneath the chest armor.

Weapons and Shields

This is where you equip your main armament, additional protective armor, or anything else you might carry into battle.


This is where you equip armor such as breastplates, robes and jerkins.


This is where armor such as gloves, gauntlets and cuffs are equipped.


This is where you equip armor, like a pauldron, that protects your upper arms.


This is where you equip articles of clothing such as cloaks, capes or hoods.


This is where you equip items such as shoes, boots, and sollerets.


This is where armor like pants, leggings and greaves are equipped.


This is where you equip an array of smaller items and artifacts such as rings, jewelry, amulets, necklaces and the like.