This is a list of all Pyromancer skills and their current descriptions along with the tree they're associated with. Later synergies, prerequisites, and damage dealt will be added. For now since they change every test that information is not included. (Note these descriptions are taken from in game. Complete with spelling errors.)


  • Blinding Flash: Blinding Flash.
  • Burning Sceptre: Bonus fire damage when wielding sceptres.
  • Burning Arc: Inflicts fire damage on all targets within 2 meters using caster's melee weapon plus additional fire damage.
  • Burst: Increased change of critical strike.
  • Obsidian Shell: Increased chance to deflect critical strikes.
  • Flame Draw: Restores mana on target's death.
  • Thermal Screen: Flaming shield absorbs all damage until it expires or the damage limit is reached.
  • Fire Shroud: Caster catches on fire. Deals additional damage equal to the inverse remaining health.
  • Thermal Reflection: Thermal shield reflects a percentage of the damage it absorbs.
  • Infernal Hands: Flaming attack from your hands.
  • Brilliant Aura: Halve your maximum mana for increased chance to dodge.
  • Ember Nova: In incendiary spiral that inflicts fire damage to nearby targets.


  • Flaming Dart: Incendiary projectile.
  • Embers: Increases mana regeneration.
  • Flame Serpents: Erratically moving flaming bolts.
  • Flare: Halve your maximum life for a potent damage bonus.
  • Meteor: Inflicts fire damage within a 3 meter radius.
  • Streaking Flames: Increases missile speed and distance
  • Flame Javelin: A spear of flame that pierces enemies along its path.
  • Ricochet: Projectiles ricochet off solid surfaces.
  • Ignite: Targets are ignited inflicting fire damage over time.
  • Sulfuric Poison: Each strike to a target successively increases fire weakness up to a maximum of 150%.
  • Explosive Missiles: Fire missiles detonate on impact inflicting radial fire damage when monsters are ignited.


  • Field of Fire: Engulfs an area in flames.
  • Lava Field: A field of lava slows nearby targets.
  • Fire snap: Mana absorbing fire bolt.
  • Wand Mastery: Increases the fire rate and adds additional fire damage to wands.
  • Internal Flame: Increases all fire damage inflicted by caster.
  • Scorching Staff: Increases accuracy attack speed and adds additional fire damage when wielding staves.
  • Burning Colossus: Summons a durable but slow-moving minion.
  • Fiery Wisp: Summons a wisp to aid you in battle.
  • Cinder Storm: Flaming bolts strike the target location.