Text Commands

Doubtless most of you know already this but text commands are bits of text which when entered into the chat box cause various effects. This page will list the various commands available for Mythos.

  • /y Global chat. Global chat is seen by everyone unless they're ignoring the global channel. (Currently non functional)
  • /p Party chat. Party chat obviously is displayed only to your party.
  • /l Local chat. Local chat is displayed only to people in the map you're in.
  • /w Sends a whisper to the named player. This can also be done with /whisper
  • /e causes an emote. Simply place the action you wish to perform after the command.
  • /fps This command will not only show your FPS (Frames Per Second) but will also list your particle count and current luck as well. (Currently non functional)
  • /bug brings up a box to report bugs in. Currently bugged however.
  • /who Displays both the number of players online currently and their names. At present this only lists characters in the same instance as you.
  • /invite Add a players name after this command to invite them to your part provided they're in town.
  • /disband Disbands the current party. Only available to party leader.
  • /kick Kicks the named player. Only available to party leader.
  • /leave Leaves the party. Available to all party members.
  • /accept Accepts an invite.
  • /ignore Ignores the named player causing you not to see what they say.
  • /unignore Removes the named played from your ignore list so you can see them talk again.
  • /ignoreglobalchat Ignores global chat so you see no longer see what's said in the channel. (Global chat is not presently enabled)
  • /unignoreglobalchat Unignores global chat so you see what's said in the channel again. (Global chat is not presently enabled)
  • /friend_list Displays your list of friends. (This stretchs across all character names regardless of which one you added.)
  • /friend_accept Add the name of the player who you want on your friend list after receiving an invite to add them.
  • /friend_add Add a name after this to invite that player to your friends list.
  • /friend_decline Add the name of the player whose invite you want to decline after receiving it.
  • /friend_pending_list Lists all pending invites.
  • /friend_remove Add the name of the person you want to remove from your friend list to remove them.
  • /quit Quits the game.